A word to the end of 2011.

This finishing calendar year hasn’t been much easier than the previous ones for our school. It has been characterized by the continuing fight for survival. Despite of it we can say there has been a fundamental break in the case thanks to the visit of Mr. Josef Dobeš, the minister, at our school in early January. During the visit, he declared the SUPŠS Kamenický Šenov for the family silver that must be retained for the future. The by the Minister promised transfer of the school under the authority of the Ministry of Education won’t probably happen within a short time due to several reasons. Nevertheless, it is no tragedy for our SUPŠS. The Minister of Education is considering the rescue of our school as his priority and during our meeting in early December he has assured me of its support. The forms of the help are searched for and I do believe there will be found an acceptable and permanent solution. Already in the second year we are active without special subventions from the Liberec Region’s budget thanks to economical saving based both on the accomplished reorganization of the school and own profitable activities and sponsor donations. We can’t be blamed by anybody to be worse for us and nobody can say we profit at someone’s expense!

Even in such difficult conditions we succeed in getting new students. In this year, we have got twice as big number of applications for the first round of talent entrance examinations compared to the previous year! We have done our maximum for it as new students are the best guarantee of the existence of our school, better than any endowment. Everybody knows that the inflation of new schools and subjects and lower number of children from middle schools brought about the critical lack of applicants for studies. To help in solving the problem we took in the first group of five talented Kazakhian students. However the decision was done with certain fear, now we can say, it was right one. These students show together with their talents, also great diligence and studiousness and are an excellent example for others. For the next year, we are expecting another group of Kazakhian students. And already now we are looking forward!

We would like our effort for preserving the school to recast into a new future with all our energy and time could have been oriented onto the main aim of our activities, which is the education. T.G.Masaryk, the first President of the Czechoslovak Republic, said that a good school saves money of the state for jails, hospitals and poorhouses – and we wish to be such a school!

We would like to say thank all of you who have supported our school in this year and contributed to its survival! On behalf of all the employees of our school I wish you merry, nice and satisfied Christmas and all the best in the new year 2012!

František Janák
Deputy Headmaster