Success in the Competition Student´s Design 2011.

SUPŠS Kamenický Šenov was very successful in the competition of secondary and higher professional schools Student´s Design, the first round of which took place on March 30, 2011 in Velké Opatovice. Three slumped plates by Bohumil Jágl and a cut plate by Lenka Němcová were nominated for the second round of the competition of the National Prize of the Czech Republic, where they would be evaluated together with works by university students. Bohumil Jágl´s plates reached the totally second highest number of points in the evaluation of the professional jury and won the first place in the category of glass. Moreover, in voting of representatives of the schools participating in the session in Velké Opatovice. the works won the first place in nomination of the Prize of the Association of Art and Craft Secondary and Higher Professional Schools! This success is even more important due to the competition of the students of higher professional schools. Bohumil Jágl studied in the painting department headed by Acad. Painter Petr Menš and the workshop instructor Mrs. Dagmar Pánková and Lenka Němcová studied in the cutting department headed by Mgr.A Petr Stacho and the workshop instructor Mgr. Josef Kříž. Both the works are the final ones from 2010. We sent just three works and two of them won.


Bohumil Jágl, Slumped and painted plates 2010
Bohumil Jágl, Slumped and painted plates 2010
Klamtova Nikola, table lamp 2011
Lenka Němcová, cut plate Middle 2010