Kateřina Sípova´s Final Work Goes to the World.

The final work of Katerina Sípová, a graduate of the SUPSS Kamenicky Senov from 2009 – a glass tequila drinking set – has been selected for a prestigious exhibition „New Ware“ New York 2011. The exhibition is organized by the Prague Design Cabinet.

This set has already won a jury award for secondary and higher professional schools in the competition „National Award for Student Design 2009 together with the prize Good Student Design 2009 for all categories, where the works designed by students of secondary and higher schools as well as universities participated.

The awarded Katerina Sipova´s final work „Tequila set“ is featured by a creative design. The basic concept of the set is a solution of the complicated way of drinking this drink. Each glass consists of two parts. The lower one serves for placing of salt and lemon. The upper one includes the tequila glass itself. The enclosed glass lollipop serves for a hygienical application of salt. The set was made in collaboration with the Ajeto Lindava company under its sponsorship.


Katerina Sipová, Tequila set 2009
Katerina Sipová, Tequila set 2009, detail