Silver Medal of the MŠMT for acad. painter Karel Rybáček in memoriam

 Lately (April 2009), a former longstanding pedagogue and director of the Glass School Kamenický Šenov acad. painter Karel Rybáček (1931-2006) has been honored in memoriam with the First-Degree Silver Medal of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for a consideration of SUPŠS. For this prominent award he was advised by the nominee selection committee and consequently confirmed by the minister. The Medal of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has been awarded since 1997 as the top honor for activities in the education branch. The medal is awarded annually by the minister of education, youth and sports on the occasion of the Day of Teachers, March 28, eventually also extraordinarily out of the date on important life jubilees. The medal can be awarded also in memoriam. The silver medal is an appraisal of the remarkable pedagogical, educational, scientific or artistic work, longstanding and outstanding activities in the education branch or of an extraordinary meritorious achievement at providing and improvement of conditions for enlightenment in the Czech Republic.

Mr. Karel Rybáček graduated the glass school Nový Bor in the glass painting and etching department and then VŠUP in the monumental painting and glass department headed by Prof. J. Kaplický. Since 1960 he worked as a chief artist in the glass painting and etching department at the glass school Kamenický Šenov. Until 1990 he devoted himself to pedagogical activities. He educated numerous now already famous glass experts and artists. In 1990 he became the director of the Secondary Glass Art School in Kamenický Šenov. In 1997 retired, Karel Rybáček continued in the collaboration with the school and in helping with preparations of exhibitions and symposiums.

During Mr. Karel Rybáček´s activities in the directorship great changes occurred here. Mr. Karel Rybáček planned and successfully finished a sweeping reconstruction of the school. The reconstruction connected all three school buildings via a tunnel and established new rooms for exhibiting students´ works. New cloakrooms for students, rooms for teachers and new attic studios including a photographic one were built as well. For a supplemental education, a new modern workshop for lamp working was established too.
In 2006 the Glass School Kamenický Šenov celebrated the 150th anniversary of the school foundation. Karel Rybáček was the honorary president of the preparatory committee of the celebrations and took an active part in their preparation. Unfortunately, just in the day of celebrations Mr. Karel Rybáček suddenly died. An outstanding glass professional and artist, prominent pedagogue and friendly and kind colleague left.
This has been already the second award won by former pedagogues of SUPŠS Kamenický Šenov. On the occasion of the Day of Teachers, the Liberec region deputy commissioner Bc. Radek Cikl awarded Mr. Václav Hubert for the longstanding creative pedagogical activities.