Partnership of the SUPŠS Kamenický Šenov with the Hollar Graphic School Prague.

 From April 7 - 11, 2008 a group of our students took part in a week exchange attachment at the Hollar Graphic School Prague. The students learned all graphical techniques taught at the school and the whole week attended to the screenprinting technique. They dealed also with drawing, especially figural one, taught at the school already from the first year. A part of their programme was visiting of Prague sightseeings, exhibitions as well as of the glass studio at the Academy of Applied Arts.

In return students of the Hollar School will visit Kamenický Šenov for a week in June. They will learn glass techniques and attend to landscape-painting. This new way of partnership between two art schools of different branch orientation represents a greatly welcomed enrichment of studies. It will surely bring numerous new ideas and experience both for the schools and their students.