Success of our School at the exhbition Art & Interior Praha

 From April 26 to 29, 2007 already the eighth exhibition ART & INTERIOR was held in the Fair Palace in Praha. Students of our School, department Design of lighting objects, exhibited their works at the exhibiting stand of "Světlo - Light" - a professional journal for lighting assemblies and technologies. Our School has successfully cooperated with the editorial staff and published there its reports.

One event of the exhibition was also an appraisal of exhibited lighting objects. The professional jury including acad.arch. Jan Fišer, acad.arch. Jan Kočandrle, ing. Petr Žák, ing. Jiří Novotný (editor in chief of the journal Světlo), a representative of the Guzzini company, acad. sculptor Karel Novotný, ing.arch. Luboš Sekal, Mgr. Vít Weber on behalf of UVU and Václav Zeman on behalf of the SUPŠS prized a Special Prize of the Světlo journal to two decorative lighting assemblies by a student of the SUPŠS Johana Gabrielová. The jury appreciated the imaginativeness and quality of execution of the school final work. Congratulations!

The exhibition showed also students´works by Eliška Parátová, Michal Vágner, Jana Procházková, Martina Švarcová and Klára Šumová. Both the awarded work and the whole exhibition of our School interest a great number of visitors.