Practical excursion

On March 23, 2007, pupils from the Primary School U Lesa Nový Bor carried out a "practical excursion" in our school. In it pupils of three classes - 6.B, 5.B and 4.B - took part together with their pedagogue Mgr. Dana Mouchová (form mistress of 4.B). Professional assistance in the cutting workshop done by DiS. Vojtěch Novák. In workshops children worked with teachers of the SUPŠS Mgr. Josef Kříž, Rudolf Kment and Dagmar Pánková. The course of events was completely organized by Adéla Němečková, a student of the Technical University Liberec - Teacher´s College, specialization Primary Education, a graduate of our school. The practical excursion represented a part of a project, prepared by Adéla Němečková as a component of her diploma paper. The children enjoyed the excursion very much.